3 habits that will enhance your life

& cost you nothing!

  1. Meditate.

2 minutes. 5 minutes. 10 minutes or one hour. It doesn’t really matter how long you practice mediation for. Adding this into your lifestyle will bring huge benefits for clarity and peace. Mornings are the best time for me to find 10 minutes of stillness before the day begins, a chance to set intentions & kick off the day with a clear mind.

Allow your brain to clear out. You don’t need to worry about sitting in a “specific” pose to begin or feel annoyed when thoughts just keep popping up when you are trying to keep your mind still!
Keep returning to the breathe. Over & Over. You can find follow along practices on YouTube. I will link my favourite below!


HeadSpace is an amazing app that takes you through clear & easy steps for every day meditation all backed with evidence based results on the physical & mental benefits. https://www.headspace.com/science/meditation-research.

You can choose how long you wish to mediate for on this app & can have it handy on your phone wherever you are. You can get 10 free sessions with head space to try this out for free!

meditation app
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Meditating can enhance your life showing evidence of reducing anxiety & depression symptoms, better knowledge of self & overall happiness. I have personally experienced the positive effects & feel a real difference when I don’t get up that 10 minutes earlier to take the time to sit still!

I am a real high energy go go kind of person, meditation for me brings me back to a calm state helping me re-energise and breathe. It helps me finds my balance in life.

I made a YouTube video last year on my insights on why we should slow down in life. Have a watch below!

2. Get outside. In nature or the woods if possible!

Not only for the exercise but the overall impact of spending time outdoors goes beyond the physical effects. Getting into the woods.. walking into a forest can not only improve cardiovascular capacity but also…

  • Reduce your risk of type II diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • & premature death!
    https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/07/180706102842.htm shows in systematic review from Journal Environmental Research. 6th July 2018.

    There is something so therapeutic about walking in nature and being around the sounds of water. You literally are not thinking about anything else other than that moment.
    If you live in a cold country then it is not always the most temping activity when your warm house feels a lot more comforting on a Sunday afternoon… I feel you.

    However, you never regret the adventure & feel good feeling afterwards! I always feel so refreshed & ready to begin my week after a Sunday explore. I urge you to take a walk into the woods….

3. Hydrate consistently

Feeling tired after getting enough sleep? Frequent fatigue symptoms? Headaches which result in taking pain relief over the counter medication? I was in the exact circle of this a few years ago and cured them all by hydrating my body properly.

Fluid Pouring in Pint Glass
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I believe all of these symptoms can be relived through consistent high intakes of water daily. Our bodies are made up of over 70% of it.. Lets keep it that way!

Don’t like having water on its own? Why not add some lemon or lime to your glass to give it a little flavour & kick!

Harvard Health 2018

Your health is your wealth. These 3 small changes can make huge impacts on your health & life.

Wishing Health Love & Light.

Katie x

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