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Hey lovely people! I have mainly been using WordPress for personal insights and thoughts to connect with others exploring mind & body wellness whilst finishing off my Masters in Public Health/Health Promotion.

Before the pandemic hit alongside my studies I was teaching as a dance instructor in Scotland, delivering classes & workshops around Scotland for both children & adults.

I am exciting to be now offering summer classes online suitable for beginners to dance age 16+ via the free Zoom app.

I wish to bring dance into others life to make a real difference in the way we view exercise. Dancing allows you to feel good inside and out and after many years of teaching experience internationally I have seen first hand the healing tools dance has brought to many.

The positive effects of dance for both mind & body are incredible. There are multiple studies that have proven the benefits of this art!

Increases confidence – Mood Booster – Keeps you fit – Releases Creativity – Helps master self-discipline – Increases aerobic fitness – Improves mental functioning.

Classes Begin 06 July 2020!

Visit katiekerrdance.co.uk


to book your FREE taster session of your choice!

Ballet Basics – Jazz Roots

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch & ask any further questions.

I can’t wait to dance with you!

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Hello world! I'm Katie, by day I am a dance and wellness coach - I have created The Wishing Well Blog to share, write and connect with you lovely people from my own experiences, thoughts and research on how we can better ourselves and the beautiful planet we live on through natural healing and self belief.

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