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Living in love over fear is easier said than done right? How can we be all smiles and high vibrations with everything that is going on in the world? Choosing to feel good inside and demolish the negative from life isn’t something I feel comes easy to any of us..

So what really is fear and how can it effect us? Are we living consuming fear by choice?

12 Inspiring Quotes About Fear

Fear is ultimately avoiding a situation or event that may put is in danger.. My drift of thought today was.. Isn’t fear itself more dangerous than any ‘danger’ that exists?

Over thinking .. Limited beliefs .. Repeated patterns .. Following others being afraid to follow ourselves .. Being afraid of the unknown

Fear can literally paralyse us into overthinking about what may happen or what could have happened differently holding us back from our real and true potential here on earth.

The only thing to really fear.. is fear itself.

When people fear the government … | U.S. Persons Abroad - Members of a  Unique Tax, Form and Penalty Club

I urge you to choose love today and rid yourself of anything that gives you this feeling of fear. When we decide to give in to fear, start choosing love.. This is where we find peace.

Choose love and don’t ever let fear turn you away from your playful heart.   
-Jim Carrey

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Wishing health, contentedness and freedom to you all for 2021!

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