Hey guys! If you are anything like me and struggle to stick to the same skincare products due to sensitive skin.. Stick around for an in depth honest review on this fantastic natural skin care range from BUDS CBD. My skin type is mostly a mix of dry/oily depending on the seasons – I have found this range to help greatly in locking moisture into my skin over a duration of time.

I like to leave my skin product free most of the week, usually only splashing freezing cold water on my face due to its sensitivity.. however after finding these products I don’t find any flare ups to my skin and finally feel I can have a skincare routine that doesn’t make my face feel on fire…Yey!

I have been using BUDS CBD’s Skin Care Range for over 2 months and finally feel I have found myself a daily & nightly routine that works for my sensitive skin!

I will be reviewing in this blog the following products:

  • Revitalising Face Serum
  • Enriching hemp face cream with Frankincense, Lavender and Rose Gerranium
  • Illuminating Daily Exfoliator
  • Brightening Boost Eye Cream

An exciting new range from Buds CBD, a family run business located in Dumfries & Galloway providing a wide range of completely vegan, chemical and cruelty free, ethical and eco friendly products available in shop and also online!

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Individual Product Reviews:

Illuminating Daily Exfoliator:

This daily exfoliator is a 2 in 1 dream!

Why? Inside of this creamy based exfoliator is extract of orange peel to scrub away dead skin cells, I feel this cream leaves a soft and smooth moisture to the skin afterwards once exfoliating. Enough to not have to use moisturiser afterwards! This leaves my skin feeling revitalized after applying a very small amount with warm water daily and nightly every few days. A little definitely goes a long way…

Enriching Face Cream:

Firstly, I love the fact that this is made from hemp with this itself being a big YES for me providing many healing properties and an ability to moisture skin without clogging pores. A moisturiser for myself feels like something that should only benefit my skin to balance its dryness or oil production, which I feel this does enriching hemp face cream from BUDS CBD Skincare Range has got exactly right.

Light weight and silky smooth, these are the words that spring to mind when using this hemp face cream now almost daily! Not only does its natural fragrances of Frankincense, Lavender and Rose Gerranium make my skin smelling like flowers all day…

When my face is feeling oily I don’t use much of this face cream as I feel it provides a great oil base to its mixture for my skin type. If you have overall dry skin.. I highly recommend this for a go to enriching daily cream to restore moisture.

Revitalise Face Serum:

Now I can’t say a face serum is something I have used much of in the past, but I can’t lie in now saying I have lathered this face serum product on at times.. I think this one has to be my favorite of all of BUDS CBD’s Natural Skincare Range!

Applying this serum all over my face and neck leaves me feeling shiny and glowing, this dry’s up well with fast absorbency. Great for severely dry skin for retaining moisture all day! This serum holds a generous amount in the bottle and has lasted me over 2 months..

Brightening Eye Boost Cream:

When it comes to eyes, I usually rely on a goods night sleep to keep my under eyes healthy. However this Brightening Boost Eye Cream from ;

Has been a great addition to my skincare routine brightening up areas underneath my eyes over a couple of weeks of use. I did some research into Buds CBD clever homemade formula and found this eye cream to be made with Prickly Pears, Rosehip and Rasberry Seed Oil – Known for its anti-aging and healing properties for sensitive skin.

The Vitamin K in prickly pear seed oil is proven to help minimise the appearance of hyperpigmentation and those pesky undereye dark circles.

The anti-inflammatory effect of red raspberry seed oil also soothes symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.


This whole range of products from BUDS CBD from my own experience have been the perfect balance for my mixed of oily/dry skin and have made my skincare routine feel stress free and enjoyable! I love the smell of these natural products and the fact they are homemade and made sustainably makes it all the better..

I highly recommend to have a browse as this review is just a taste of what is in store at BUDS CBD Product range.. from Skincare to Soaps, Shampoos, Face & Body for both Men & Woman with also a wide range of CBD and CBG products.

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