25 things I have learned in 25 years

This was a journal intention I had a couple of weeks ago, to document 25 of the most empowering things I feel I believe in & have learned in my quarter of a century here on earth! I love to to share & connect so here I have listed some of them below..

I ended up this a lot more in my journal – This is a really fun and inspiring thing to do for yourself at any age to reflect and gather things you have learned and taken inspiration from in your life so far ✨

25. Always take the road less travelled down & embrace your uniqueness


1. I create my reality

2. Take risks when you know its right

3. Ask, think and visualise into existence

4. I’m not just a human having thoughts, I am energy having a human experience

5. Nothing is that serious if you don’t make it

6. Love is all you need (Cheesy but true)

7. Meditation makes me a better and more patient person

8. Listen more than you speak

9. Give more than you take

10. Every day is a chance to learn and grow

11. You know what is best for yourself

12. Every person you see is facing something similar to you..

Connect compassionately

13. Its okay to allow myself to feel anxious and sad, I shall not dwell in it. I will learn and grow from it. We are life itself, life is not happening to us or against us.

14. Life is in the present moment doesn’t allow for negative thinking

15. Anything you can think, you can do

16. If you heal from your pains – You will heal the future generations

17. You are what you eat

18. Keep true friends close

19. Romantic relationships are best kept quiet and enjoyed in private

20. Every one I meet has something to teach me

21. Its not expensive to live a healthy lifestyle if done right

22. Dancing and yoga sets me free

23. My intuition and gut knows the way – Always follow it

24. Too much coffee and sugar isn’t good for me

25. Always take the road less travelled down & embrace your uniqueness

Would love to keep connecting!

Thank you for stopping by & reading this blog, I hope you enjoyed reading my insights over the last 25 years, I would love to hear some of your own in the comments below!

By holistikatie

Hi readers! My name is Katie, a dance & wellness coach full time by day, I like to make people move their bodies to feel alive! I studied for a Masters in Health Promotion & here you will find all things wellness, life, self belief & real talk! I live in Bonnie Scotland & like to write to share my perspective in this world as I navigate my way though, & to connect with you all who drop by to read & share yours too, writing also saves me money on therapy..

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