A Sunday Poem

If only we would listen more than we speak.

Our true voices would be cherished, hugged, kissed on the cheek

Words will always poison more than bumps ever will

Too many of them will get you lost in a crowd

Oh people stay silent, just let your heart speak

Swooped into the rush we go, lost for our own thoughts

Every one of us a firework, ready for shot

But only we ourselves really understand us

But why can’t they just listen

Us people we have a whole unique language inside

One to be proud of, One to let shine

By unknown

Published by holistikatie

Hello world! I'm Katie, by day I am a dance and wellness coach - I have created The Wishing Well Blog to share, write and connect with you lovely people from my own experiences, thoughts and research on how we can better ourselves and the beautiful planet we live on through natural healing and self belief.

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