Hello Autumn, time to listen

What is it about the season of leaves falling, that connects us to change?

Let your dead leaves drop” -a quote I have always loved that I feel portrays Autumn perfectly. & something I like to think about in personal growth through this season- Evaluating & letting go of what no longer serves me.

Hi Guys, I love to write and don’t take enough time out to share my thoughts as I aim to. There are points where I feel I have waves of energy for writing at certain periods, sharing with the world is important to me and the wave of writing has once again come over me, so here I am.

I enjoyed a lovely chilled out Saturday yesterday, candles and an inspirational watch in the morning is a well spent one for me. Usually, it begins going inner, however some days I find myself feeling happy being less ritual and more spontaneous with my time. I hope you have all had a joyful weekend so far!

As I went outside in the afternoon yesterday for a little fresh air, I felt for the first time, the presence of Autumn and its beautiful colours. On the side of the road to see leaves of all colours, as I look out to the road in front of me I see a mist across the horizon. I have always felt Autumn is the time in my life where the most changes have taken place, the biggest transformations and break throughs. I am aware now of this pattern, however before felt there must have been a coincidence or conscious act for big changes to take place at the same time every year.

Nature reminds us in every season how beautiful change can be, Autumn’s fast changing colours especially makes me feel like its time to evaluate what’s going on inner and anything that is holding me back physically, emotionally – spiritually. Nature mirrors us as humans, let it lead you. Over the end of September and October month, I am looking forward to consciously slowing down in alignment with natures activity – Slowing down myself too.

I have so much nostalgia from Autumn last year, as I began properly foraging for mushrooms for the first time in the forests close by to me. To begin I wanted to pick mushrooms that hold a lot of colour inside to use for dying clothes, which I had a lot of fun experimenting with. I’m quite a fusspot when it comes to eating mushrooms, unfortunately somewhere along the way my brain and taste buds decided together that the consistency of mushrooms wasn’t quite for me. I’ve never been able to shift the shiver it gives me feeling mushrooms in my mouth since, however I do LOVE mushroom soup blended. Strange I know..

I love to look at mushrooms and appreciate everything they do for the earth as our root system decomposing waste, they are powerful little wizards.

Finding new winter soup recipes, taking time to paint and enjoy some creative activities, slow walks in the Autumn crisp and foraging for different mushrooms – Hello Autumn! Time to slow down….

What do you love most about Autumn? Tell me in the comments what you are getting up to this season ๐Ÿ™‚

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