Move your way in 2022 with me!

Hi WordPress, I usually keep this space for writing and sharing personal insights and topics, however by day I am dance and wellness coach and love to spread the joy of movement worldwide!

So, today I share my new exciting online class DANCE ROOTZ beginning in February, a space to bring people together to enjoy an hour of movement in the body. Exploring all dance styles freeing the mind and body to beautiful worldly music! I would love to have some new faces from my readers to join the tribe 😊

Move your way into 2022 with me!!
♀️Dedicate 2 hours per week for your body & soul…
Music. Movement & Freedom!
I’m very excited to be beginning this new online adults DANCE ROOTZ session, ages 16+
Dance Rootz is a weekly go to class for anyone who wants to let go, shake off the stress & simply move to some music…for the pure and simple joy of feeling free and in the moment
Begins start of Feb.
ONLINE via Zoom every Monday & Thursday (choose between 1 or 2 weekly sessions). 6-7pm.
 Message via WordPress to sign up. FREE taster on 1st session!

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Hello world! I'm Katie, by day I am a dance and wellness coach - I have created The Wishing Well Blog to share, write and connect with you lovely people from my own experiences, thoughts and research on how we can better ourselves and the beautiful planet we live on through natural healing and self belief.

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