Protect your energy

Hi fellow earthlings, I hope your day is going wonderful 🙂

Life is built upon energy, its all around us.. I can sure feel it!

Present whilst we interact with one another, we can feel the varying energies shift between and through us

Our paths coming together is life itself, connection and love

Helping each other navigate through life is glued with empathy and support


But what do we do when we are aware that our own energy has been completely thrown off whilst exchanging your energy to help another?

When we feel drained after helping others or can’t feel our own energy in a room full of too many energy fields

Here’s a few things I have been personally working on within this subject, I hope any fellow empaths can relate & take a little away..

  1. Focusing on my breathe and on my own inner feelings during any moments exchange has been helped me in recent days on setting healthy boundaries to not give away all of my own energy.

2. Anchoring myself to the floor I am standing/and or sitting and familiarising what I can physically feel whilst actively listening to the other energy (this can be a tough one multitasking!)

3. Social media is still an energy exchange with others. Being mindful of my thoughts as I “harmlessly” browse has made me realise a lot. Awareness is key.

3. Journaling it out! or physically releasing through movement after feeling overwhelmed around other energies helps bring me back to my own state of peace

I am you, you are me..

Lets keep the flow of energy balanced.

تويتر \ SOCIETY IS INSANITY (link in bio) على تويتر: "When you value  something greatly you tend to refrain from giving away to just anyone. Why  would your energy, time, commitment, etc.,

By holistikatie

Hi readers! My name is Katie, a dance & wellness coach full time by day, I like to make people move their bodies to feel alive! I studied for a Masters in Health Promotion & here you will find all things wellness, life, self belief & real talk! I live in Bonnie Scotland & like to write to share my perspective in this world as I navigate my way though, & to connect with you all who drop by to read & share yours too, writing also saves me money on therapy..

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