The Symbolism of Dreams

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I am feeling Autumn’s presence here, leaving Summer behind with many lovely memories made. Autumn is up there as my favourite season, I feel a time for renewal for earth and everything living here.

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The Symbolism Of Dreams

Reflecting on a dream I had last night, I wanted to share with you all the story and symbolism/significant message that was linked to this. I am fascinated by dreams, and the symbolism of why we do have certain dreams.

Ever wake up like “What? How? I’ve not thought of that person in years, or seen that place ever before”….

Isn’t it wild though? We just go off into a multidimension reality, where time isn’t the same as when we are awake.

Well, I must say I don’t always have this analogy when I wake up from a crazy dream, the ones I can’t quite put together to remember specific events but make me jump up, or the ones I just don’t remember at all. I am a deep sleeper, and when awake I feel have an always thinking brain. Maybe this particular mix, makes for some crazy a** dreams?..

Last night I dreamt I was on an old steam train, something from the 1960’s, I was sat not on the inside of the train but on the outer side sitting on top of one of the carriages. I remember feeling as though I wasn’t sure which stop was mine to get off, confused and panicked yet video calling my Mum, not possible in this era, yet completely imaginable in my dream. I feel as though I have had a recurring dream, one I have been in before.

Looking up the symbolisation of this narrative, I came to find this could may well be down to my current point in life, the universe telling me to slooow down. To take control some more, though positively signifying growth in my personal goals going in the right direction. I mean, I always feel good in finding out why particular dreams may have a link to my journey, nevertheless not taking it too literally.

If you are someone who does this also, I would love to hear your thoughts on dreams and symbolisation and your own experiences!

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Hi readers! My name is Katie, a dance & wellness coach full time by day, I like to make people move their bodies to feel alive! I studied for a Masters in Health Promotion & here you will find all things wellness, life, self belief & real talk! I live in Bonnie Scotland & like to write to share my perspective in this world as I navigate my way though, & to connect with you all who drop by to read & share yours too, writing also saves me money on therapy..

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