Protect your energy

Hi fellow earthlings, I hope your day is going wonderful šŸ™‚ Life is built upon energy, its all around us.. I can sure feel it! Present whilst we interact with one another, we can feel the varying energies shift between and through us Our paths coming together is life itself, connection and love Helping each… Continue reading Protect your energy

Move your way in 2022 with me!

Hi WordPress, I usually keep this space for writing and sharing personal insights and topics, however by day I am dance and wellness coach and love to spread the joy of movement worldwide! So, today I share my new exciting online class DANCE ROOTZ beginning in February, a space to bring people together to enjoy… Continue reading Move your way in 2022 with me!

Finding light after the dark- My MiscarriageĀ¹

Type… something. Er., this IS a long one, and I don’t feel quite sure where to begin, so I will share firstly with you the answers to some of the questions I tasked myself with this week, from @Laurapashby’s Book ‘Little Stories of Your Life’, I highly recommend this book for those looking to find… Continue reading Finding light after the dark- My MiscarriageĀ¹

To be genuine

Writing puts my feelings from the inside, out into the world and helps in making me feel not so alone with all of my thoughts anymore, tonight is one of those spontaneous evenings of writing from the inside, to the outside world, writing from the heart. So hello to you! and thank you for stopping… Continue reading To be genuine

Going inner

ruly believe going inner to understand a bit more of who we really without others telling us who that may be, gives us a power from somewhere not external and only internal, a self validation that brings us out into the world as our best selves.