Thank you for stopping by on my about page! I’m Katie, I began sharing when I started this blog at the beginning of 2020 as I was inspired to connect & share my voice on all things mind & body content, as I was finding my own balance and contentedness in life.

Its now 2022, & I’m still writing, yey!

I have found this blog to be a great outlet for my ever thinking brain and have found over time, a therapeutic journey through writing blogs!

I also hope this space will help inspire you on your path to thriving physically and mentally. I believe we all deserve to thrive and enjoy this life without letting ourselves hold us back.

So, A little on my background and why I first became inspired to share and connect through this blog..

I live in sunny Scotland in the United Kingdom, that wee place that everyone talks funny and wears kilts (usually how people not from Scotland view it).. Not to mention home to the most breathtaking views and outdoors in the world! Check out my YouTube Video channel where you will find lots of travel content worldwide & also Scotland of course. If you haven’t been to this side of the world.. Its one for travel list!

My journey into health and well being really began when I hit the lowest point at 22 both mind and body. I was not feeling 22.. Studying for a dance degree but not thriving the way I knew I could have been. I was living on old belief systems and bad lifestyle habits and ultimately not reaching my true potential. I always feel it tends to be rock bottom though that we hit, before a change needs to me made.

At 26 now, a lot has changed. I’ve learned to listen and understand my body on levels I never knew possible back then. I have came to feel that education was my way to getting on the path of the life I deep down desire, but it was only life lessons and listening to my own voice that set me free.

In 2019, I began studying for a Masters in Health Promotion & Public Health to get an insight into an umbrella of topics, I have always wanted to help as many people as possible live the best quality life & to feel alive.

My site has grown to become an outlet for many different topics in life. From food, to self belief, confidence, health promotion, positive psychology, day to day inspiration and of course, a little sprinkle of dance & art.

I’m grateful you have taken the time to read a little on my story, I would love to connect with your story & journey too! Leave a comment on my blogs to say hello 🙂