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Hey lovely people! I have mainly been using WordPress for personal insights and thoughts to connect with others exploring mind & body wellness whilst finishing off my Masters in Public Health/Health Promotion.

However, before the pandemic hit I was utilising my dance degree teaching across Scotland delivering classes & workshops to people of all ages.

I am excited to be now delivering summer 2020 Adults Dance classes online for anyone looking to learn a new skill or just stay healthy over summer!

(Great for beginners to dance)

Age 16+ via the free Zoom app.

Ballet Basics

Develop strength, flexibility and better posture through ballet. This class is great for newbies to ballet looking to learn the basics, designed to strengthen your mind and body as we work on full body exercises finishing with a basic dancer stretch. 

The positive effects of dance for both mind & body are incredible. There are multiple studies that have proven the benefits of this art!

Adults Dance

Jazz Roots

Old styled jazz inspired by the basics of 1940’s Charleston, Swing & Jitterbug! We should never let go of where the beauty of dance originated from. This class is great for those looking to learn a dance routine from the very basics. Working on coordination, balance and stamina this class is great for beginners to dance. If you have an internet connection and a space to move then you are ready to go. All classes are recommend for those with a basic level of fitness.

Classes Begin 06 July 2020!

Increases confidence – Mood Booster – Keeps you fit – Releases Creativity – Helps master self-discipline – Increases aerobic fitness – Improves mental functioning.


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